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We love the smell of Hot Sauce in the morning!!

It is our pleasure to introduce our brand new BBQ Pack..

Griller Warfare.

This box will make the ideal addition to any BBQ offering:

1 bottle of Swanny Bomb

Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce – Perfect for slathering on your wings.

“A sweet and sticky cherry and cola BBQ sauce with fragrant cumin and chipotle spice.

Heat level: 🔥

150ml bottle

Ingredients: Ingredients: Distilled Barley Malt vinegar, ketchup (water, glucose fructose syrup, tomato paste, sugar, modified maize starch, salt, tomato powder, acidity regulator (citric acid), perservatives (potassium sorbate), mustard (mustard seeds, turmeric, paprika, garlic powder) cola(caramel colouring (E150d). phosphoric acid)(12.7%), sour cherries(3.25%), cherry puree(3.25%), liquid smoke (hickory smoke flavourings, molasses), onions, chipotle peppers, chipotle paste, cayenne powder, chilli powder, cumin, salt 

Allergens: In bold  mustard & Gluten

1 jar of Glazing Saddles

Tropical Irn Bru Glaze – Ideal for adding a kick to some ribs.

A thick, tropical Glaze with hints of Irn Bru and an unexpected Scotch Bonnet Kick 

Heat level: 🔥 🔥 🔥

100ml Jar

Ingredients: Irn Bru, Mango, pineapple, Distilled malt barley vinegar, Brown sugar, Scotch bonnet, salt


Allergens: In bold Gluten

1 Jar of Diablo Rosso,

Coffee and Chilli rub with coffee ground from Devils Bean Coffee – A great addition to a steak or some pork chops.

A delicious Dry Rub with a fragrant coffee flavour and a subtle heat throughout.

Heat level: 🔥

40g Jar

Ingredients: Coffee grounds, ancho chilli powder, chipotle chilli powder, cascabel chillies, mustard powder, cumin, salt and pepper

Allergens: In Bold Mustard  

With a postcard image of the design, created by Elsie at The Lucky Fishbone, included in the pack.. What’s stopping you from getting yours?!?

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