Origin Story – Leithal Hot Sauces

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Origin Story

Welcome to Leithal Hot Sauces.
Leithal was born out of lock down in late 2020 when three friends — Will, Ricky & Pete — decided to turn a long-time hobby and a combined 40+ years in the Hospitality sector into a business.
The name “Leithal” is a nod to the area of Edinburgh where our sauces are made. What better place for us to take our first steps into our own business than the 4th coolest neighbourhood in the world? (Source: Time Out magazine 2021).
Leithal is much more than just delicious Hot Sauces. It is a break from the status quo. Our products pack both flavour and heat in every bite, to enhance food rather than cover it up. With a wide range from earthy and mild to fruity and hot, you’re bound to find something you love.
We are determined to break the mould and to become a household name for great tasting sauce.
So, watch this space & Stay Saucy.

We create artisanal hot sauces while practising sustainability and an ethical work environment.

We achieve this through using recyclable materials for packaging and sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers, reducing the distance between produce and production.

We will also commit to becoming a living wage employer, offering further benefits and opportunities to our team.