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If you’re the world’s biggest hot sauce fan, we doff our chefs’ hats to you. If you’re interested in
stocking our sauces in your outlets or stores, drop us line and we’ll be on it like a Scotch Bonnet.

The Leithal Story

The Leithal story
Our founders - Will, Ricky & Pete - have always been all about the hot sauces. They bought them.
They made them. They ate them. And they talked about them far, far too much.
Then during the lockdown of 2020, with as much time on their hands to ponder world domination
as the rest of us, they took the bold but obvious decision to turn their long-time hobby/obsession
into a category-defying business. They decided to put their combined 40+ years of experience in
the hospitality sector to good use and shake up a hot sauce world that was obsessed with heat
and neglectful of flavour.
The result was Leithal Hot Sauces. A range of flavour-first craft hot sauces that have been
conceived and expertly produced to challenge the status quo, and to give hot sauce aficionados
everywhere a better way to boost their burritos (other foods are available).
Now in their 3rd year of business and with a range sauces that has something for everyone, from
hardcore heat to full-on flavour, the boys’ brand is booming. They’re selling their craft sauces
direct to consumers all over Scotland, shipping them to consumers all over the world, and they’re
just getting started.
Get involved. Join them on their journey. Be part of the flavour-first revolution. Because if it isn’t
full of flavour, it isn’t Leithal. And if it is, you’ll never look back.